Radon Testing

Does Your Home Have a Radon Issue?

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Not all threats to your home can be seen. Radon is an invisible, odorless gas that could creep into your home through the soil beneath the house. To make sure you don't have a radon issue, call on Miller Home Inspections LLC. We do residential radon testing in Hamburg, NJ. We can test the air in your home to determine if dangerous levels of radon are present. If they are, we can explain the best steps to take to seal off your home from this deadly gas.

Radon can cause a variety of health issues including lung cancer, so its presence should not be ignored. Schedule radon testing service at your home today by calling us at 973-493-6634.

What is radon exactly?

What is radon exactly?

Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from decaying uranium in the ground. It's present in most soil, but only small amounts are typically released into the air. When concentrations go up, radon can become a serious health hazard.

Residential radon testing can determine if your home needs special attention. For radon testing services, rely on Miller Home Inspections.